Welcome to Flashcard Club. - A Flashcard website

This is a very very early and pre-production version of Aidan's new flashcard website. Feel free to play around and have a crack at making some flashcards. However, please heed the warnings below.

Good Question. Flashcard Club is an experiment I (Aidan) am working on. You can read about my aspirations for this project here.

Yes, you may view the source code by request. Eventually I will make it public.
Flashcard is built in Laravel for PHP.

While it is technically possible, I would hold off for now untill it is in a more usable state.

Currently, Flashcard Club has the following features,
  • User Accounts,
    • It's currently possible to create a new user account, although there is no ability to ammend or update your user account.
    • New users should recieve a welcome email.
    • New users should be logged in automatically.
    • New users should be able to create flashcards and flashcard sets.
  • Almost Unlimited Flashcards,
    • It is possible to create and save flashcards.
    • You can also update flashcards, delete them and more.
    • Flascards use markdown syntax so you can include pictures and a limited amount of html.
  • Unit Tests,
    • Many components of Flashcard Club have PHPunit Unit tests.
    • Code coverage is probably very poor.
  • Toast Notifications,
    • Toast notifications are intergrated into the website.
    • The best place to see these in action is in the set editor if you update the title.
Planned features include,
  • A Study mode, because currently it is only possible to edit flashcards but not view them without the editor.
  • Google Sign in (Federated identity).
  • Statistics, because who doesn't love a good graph.
  • Account management, because currently once you make an account you cant change any of your details, oops.
Currently statistics and study mode do not work.
Have fun, don't break anything please.